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You’ve heard all about my UX research templates all over the internet. Well, not quite all over the internet, but maybe your favorite newsletter or a LinkedIn post. You can now get my resources, to save plenty of time with our own design job.

Tested & Used by Experts

You get 12+ years of experience bundled into a helpful format. These templates have been tried, tested, improved and approved by UX pros.

Save Time

Save time and everyone's sanity during research sessions. These templates are versatile and made to be used in various scenarios.

PDF & docx Formats

Most templates and cheat sheets comes in different formats (PDF, docx) so that you can re-use them as base for you own project.


Headshot of Stéphanie Walter with dark purple hair

Stéphanie Walter

I created Expert UX Templates & Resources to help UX researchers and designers save time and grow better at their job.

I'm a UX Researcher and Designer with 12+ years of experience. I design user-centred, inclusive and accessible products and service, mostly in Enterprise UX. You can check my portfolio.

I also write articles on my blog, teach design and talk at conferences & workshops events all around the world. And I recently wrote a book on User Journey Maps.