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The Minimum 
“Accessibility For Designer” 
Baseline Checklist - A4 Poster

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About this resource

Many accessibility issues can be caught and avoided in the design phase. And, I want to help you with that. 

I’ve built this 27 points checklist as a foundation guide. I listed the most important elements designers should check and document, to build more accessible products and services. While it doesn't cover everything, it provides a solid starting point for identifying common issues early on. 

Print the A4 poster (on the PDF file) and keep it on your desk! 

I integrated only 27 points in this list. These alone won't guarantee full accessibility for a website. It’s a baseline, for when you don’t have time and still want to do the right thing. It’s the bare minimum to make impactful decisions, even when time and resources are limited. If you want to dig further, I recommend exploring the comprehensive 16-page checklist available in my shop. It also includes templates and resources to help you understand accessibility guidelines and document them. For more information about each point, check A Designer’s Guide to Documenting Accessibility & User Interactions

And, remember, small steps toward accessibility can bring significant benefits for all users!

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