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User Interview Bundle (4 interview resources, including a free one )

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Do you need help writing your user interview questions, preparing your user interview guide, conducting interviews, as a solo UXer or a team, and not sure where to start? This bundle is for you then. It's contains all my user interview templates and resources, at discount price. If you need them all, save 12 EUR with this bundle. And save yourselves countless hours of resource preparation.

Take this one if you dont know where to start. Or you planned on buying all the user interview resources and want to save money.

This resource contains:

Every resource in User Interview - Questions & Follow ups Cheatsheet :
  • A A4 Poster "user interview and follow ups" cheatsheet that you can print and keep in your office
  • A list of user interview questions and follow ups type of questions (PDF + docx)
Every resource in User Interview - Guide Template and Help Sheet:
  • A User Interview Guide Template (docx, pdf) to adapt and re-use: fully written introduction where you only have to fill the blanks with your own project, and structure for the rest of the interview. Just add your own questions, and, reuse.
  • A detailed User Interview Help Sheet (pdf) to learn more about interviews, write better questions and conduct interviews.
Every resource in User Interview - Question Cards (43 printable cards):
  • A .zip file, with 8 cards deck files (.pdf) in different formats: 2 types of colors (light and full color), 2 types of borders (rounded and straight) and 2 printing and assembling methods (2 sided printing and folding).
  • An explaination sheet (.pdf), to help you print and assemble the cards for the 2 different methods
Every resource in User Interview - Digital Workshop Cards (Miro and Figjam):
  • A Miro workshop backup board (.rtb) with the 43 user interview question cards, and workshop instructions. Please note that you do need a paying Miro account in order to import that. (instructions to import in miro)
  • A Figjam workshop board (.jam) with the 43 user interview question cards and workshop instructions. (help to import in figjam)
  • The 43 cards, in PNG format, so that you can build your own workshops if you need to.

All this content is currently in English only.

For more help with user interviews you can check the books and references section of my article.

Licence for the content:

  • You can use this content for your daily work or at school.
  • You can’t copy this content or reproduce it in any way. You are also not allowed to redistribute it on your own site, or any other site. If you use it to teach, you are also not allowed to redistribute it to your students.
  • You are NOT allowed to resell this content, or derivative products that directly copy this content (for example you can’t sell physical copies of the content)
You will get the following files:
  • DOCX (767KB)
  • PDF (318KB)
  • PDF (372KB)
  • PDF (11MB)
  • PDF (541KB)
  • PDF (957KB)
  • DOCX (1MB)
  • PDF (4MB)
  • JAM (3MB)
  • PDF (3MB)
  • RTB (1MB)
  • ZIP (2MB)
  • ZIP (18MB)

Customer Reviews

Felipe B.

Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Must have for new joiners

If you are new to UX, and want to learn and practice how to get insights and currents needs from users. This is probably the easiest and affordable way to donit.