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User Interview - Question Cards (43 printable cards)

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Save time when creating your interview guides and usability testing protocols and to train people to write better guides.

A set of 43 user interviews and follow up questions cards, created to help you prepare your user interview guides. They can also help asking questions during usability testing. I organized them in different categories depending on what type of question I want to ask. Those are fragments of questions that will help you get started writing your own questions. If you need a digital version, check User Interview - Digital Workshop Cards (for Miro and Figma)

How to us it the cards

  • As starting point to build your interview guides, on your own, or with your team, in a workshop or meeting.
  • As pocket sized mini library of ready to use questions, on your desk, before or during the interviews, in case you are worried you might forget something (especially the follow-up questions)
  • As teaching tools, to help your juniors, mentees, or students get better at writing their own interview guides.

This resource contains:

  • A .zip file, with 8 cards deck files (.pdf) in different formats: 2 types of colors (light and full color), 2 types of borders (rounded and straight) and 2 printing and assembling methods (2 sided printing and folding).
  • An explanation sheet (.pdf), to help you print and assemble the cards for the 2 different methods

If you need a digital version of the cards, check the Digital workshop cards (miro and figjam) version of those cards. Check my user interview guide template if you need helping writing your guide. And don't forget to check the user interview resources bundle if you want to get all my user interview resources at a special rate.

For more help with user interviews, you can check the books and references section of my article.

French version: Cartes d'Entretien Utilisateur (43 cartes en PDF)

Licence for the content:

  • You can use this content for your daily work or at school.
  • You can’t copy this content or reproduce it in any way. You are also not allowed to redistribute it on your own site, or any other site. If you use it to teach, you are also not allowed to redistribute it to your students.
  • You are NOT allowed to resell this content, or derivative products that directly copy this content (for example you can’t sell physical copies of the content)
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (11MB)
  • ZIP (29MB)

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