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The UX Templates & Resources shop

Hi, I'm Stéphanie Walter, and want to help UX Researchers and Designers grow and get better at their job. In this shop, you will find templates and resources I created to help you, in your daily practice. Feel free to reach out if you have any question about those.

Example product name
The product description area is where you can provide details about what this product is all about. Share the full story with your customers and help them understand what they can expect to receive if they purchase.

Image and text

Combine image and text to showcase a product, collection, blog post or anything you'd like your customers to know more about.

Experienced Tools

My templates and resources are created and used for my own projects before coming to the shop. Get my 12+ years of experience condensed in helpful formats.

Different Files Included

Most templates and cheat sheets comes in different formats (PDF, docx) so that you can re-use them as base for you own project

(expect for the cards)

Two languages

Many of my templates and tools are available (or will be) in both English and French.